[opendtv] Re: Democrats Air Concerns About Analog Switchover

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 17:31:25 -0500

Albert Manfredi wrote:

flyback1 wrote:

Who cares about the numbers? They only matter if you are talking about
how much better a new system is than an older one. That is just not the

How did we lose sight of the importance of the fact that the new system
does not work as well as what it is replacing?

Confound it, Cliff. I figured it was you. Why did you find it necessary to forget to mention that you receive all the Baltimore channels, 52 miles distant, with your antenna pointing precisely opposite from Baltimore?

Why did you find it necessary to forget to mention that there is a hill close to you, between you and Phildelphia, which is far taller than your one-story house?

The numbers matter because they EXPLAIN what is going on, rather than just going for the senseless drama. In your case, what would you use for dramatic effect if we spent another X years of transition to go to DVB-T, only for you to find out that you can't even receive Baltimore anymore? This is most liklely what *would* happen in your case. THAT's why numbers matter.

[Sigh] Yesterday, 11/17/06, in a reply to John Willkie at 9:56 PM I sent a message, part of which is quoted here:

John Willkie wrote:

Gee, have you ever investigated why? Ever done an earth profile graph for each tx sites?

Here we go again. Done all that, and you helped. So did a few others on this list. Remember?

What kind of antennae do you use? Gain? Amplifier? Do you have two antennae? How many miles are you from each city?

House is 430 ft above mean sea level.
7 ft parabolic UHF antenna 28 feet in the air, fwd gain 17 dB, mast mounted preamp, 40 ft of RG-11 coax. 37 miles from Philly, 52 from Baltimore, in almost a direct line. Get better [but by no means perfect] reception from Baltimore than from Philly. Hill 2 miles away between me and Philly. Reception is never "perfect" for very long. Pictures freeze, usually when a touchdown occurs.

Is your area very hilly or mountainous, or are you located deep in a valley?

NO, NO and NO.

So, you have seen these new systems work, you have had your hands on
them and know for a fact that they work everywhere under all conditions?

I never made any such statement, so why waste the bandwidth?

You just said:

"You have described the realities of analog vs digital radio reception. With A-VSB, or even just E-VSB,
this problem would be resolved, for those emergency situations".

??? What did you mean then?

Or at least you know for a fact they work everywhere with the reliability
of NTSC?

Tell me where the signals are coming from and where the receivers are.

Mixed bag, I've said this many times, and this holds for all DTT schemes out there. Analog degrades gracefully, digital does not, end of story.


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