[opendtv] Re: Democrats Air Concerns About Analog Switchover

  • From: flyback1 <flyback1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 15:12:44 -0500

Albert Manfredi wrote:

flyback1 wrote:

I am sure I have seen it written on this list more than a few times that
ATSC would replicate NTSC coverage

This is silly. The goal has always been to substantially replicate NTSC coverage, but that means that ATSC will sometimes exceed and sometimes not match NTSC. It's digital, for heavens sake, so it won't be identical.

As to the "all or nothing reception" comments, okay, so it's not quite "all or nothing." There is a steep digital ciff involved, where you get audio and image dropouts. But your never see ghost images, snow, noise on the screen, or other such analog artifacts.


Who cares about 'ghost images, snow, noise on the screen, or other such analog artifacts' when you are trying to get information about a tornado warning?

With NTSC, even a weak snowy signal with noise in the audio still allows you to get the emergency information.

Not so with the digital dropouts of ATSC.

It does not matter how great the pictures look when it's working if you can't get the information being transmitted at all when it's 'broke'.

The ATSC system does not pass muster because it can't be guaranteed to work in an emergency situation.

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