[opendtv] Datapoint: KNSD Spots

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 23:27:37 -0800 (PST)

Having been challenged on my assertion that mostly expensive items are
advertised on television, I did something tonight I hadn't done in more
than a decade: log commercials.

I was watching the conclusion of the West Wing, through the local news on
NBC's o -but - not o KNSD 39 (cable 7) San Diego, through the beginning of
the news at 11:00 p.m..

Here's the log (lines denote program content)

   West Wing Promo tease promo
   Buick Lacrosse "Dreaming"
   Victoria's Secret: Free gift with $25 purchase
   Movie "Avatar"
   Sprint PCS -- Family Plans
   Jc Penny "What's Inside Sale"
   Capital One "No Hassle Miles"
   Bourne Supremacy DVD
   West Wing Promo
   "Joey" Promo
   Movie "Spanglish"
   Scotch brand tape
   Black & Decker Autotape
   First Five California "Benefit"  (state agency)
   Toyota Forerunner
   Capital One "No Hassle"
   Sprint PCS "Big Moment" Picture Phones
   FedEx Kinkos "Phoenix"
   Kohl's "Fits the season"
   NBC Promos Friday
   NBC Promo "Family Man"
   JC Penny "Shape of the season"
   Bourne Supremacy DVD
   Enterprise Rent a car
   Promo Fear Factor
   Promo ER
   Local Break
   News Promo
   Mercedes Xmas
   International House of Pancakes Caramel
   Jerome's Furniture
   News promo 5:00 a.m.
   XM Satellite Radio
   KFC VAriety Pack
   Master Card "Together"
   Toyota Forerunner
   Target "give"
   Target "joy"
   Campbell's Chili
   Tonight Promo
   Bourne Supremacy Promo
   Law & Order Tease
   News Tease
   Buick Lacrosse "Dreaming"
   Kay Jewelers
   Citi Rewards
   Afrin "No Drip"
   IBM e-server
   Law & Order Promo

That's it:  36 spots in a little more than an hour.  The only ones for
items less than $10 a year or $10 a purchase were Afrin (I suspect) and 
scotch tape (not the value packs).  The KFC spot was for a $9.99 special,
and the movies hearabouts cost at least $9.50 for general admission, so in
those cases, the items cost more than $10 after tax & license.

Average price of items advertised is well over $15,000.  And, this is at
Christmas time.  If I had waited a week or two, I would have no doubt
caught a Chia pet spot, but most of those in recent years have been on

I stand confirmed.  At least of the spots on San Diego stations, they are
mostly for prescription drugs, cars, credit cards, mortgages and other
very expensive items.

At one time, the average price of items advertised on TV would have been
in low to middle double digits, if that high.

John Willkie

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