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Obviously that is a significant increase, but are they significant 
numbers?  It seems like a small number compared to a population of over 
300,000,000.  But I do recognize, in light of the report, that it is a 
significant number compared to all inquiries for all topics.  However, I 
am surprised how low the numbers are for all categories.


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[opendtv] DTV awareness

Judging from this FCC report:


I'd say that the message that the DTV transition is about to end is
getting out. And this is even before most of the PSAs started appearing
(I think). Fourth quarter of 2007. The increase is huge.

Take a look at the increase in DTT inquiries, between Oct and Nov of
2007, in the table on inquiries. Could be people getting set to do their
Christmas shopping? Whatever, looks good for DTT, I think.

"The number of Radio and Television Broadcasting inquiries increased
slightly more than 368% from 3,576 to 16,745. Digital Television (DTV)
issues ranked as the top Radio and Television Broadcasting inquiry
subcategory this quarter representing over 75% of the 16,745 inquiries.
By contrast, Cable and Satellite Services inquiries decreased 7% from
3,742 to 3,459 this quarter. Inquiries regarding Billing & Rates
Information contributed 38% of the inquiries for this category."

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