[opendtv] Re: Content picture fuzzy for latest HDTV's

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How is the user Dish interface, compared to TIVO?
The DirecTV box PVR UI is not so good, in comparison,

One feature all of these boxes and sets with internet capabilities could
use, IMO, is wireless connectivity. Many users do not have needed
connectivity in or near their entertainment center. Is a free standing
wireless concentrator possibly available on the market - I haven't seen one
in my casual perusal of advertisements but haven't really looked either, not
having previously considered the need....

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> My Dish Network 622 has an Ethernet connector and a USB connector, both
> fully functional.  I don't have to plug my telephone line into the box
> anymore (it calls back via internet), and it also can get some content via
> the net as well (what & how, I dunno, because I don't PPV).  Additionally,
> it uses an external USB hard drive (or many, though one at a time) for
> auxillary (long term) storage.
> Both the Ethernet and USB connectors are easy and inexpensive for a
> manufacturer.  But I sure don't want/need a web browser in my
> satellite box
> (even if it is connected to the internet).  BTW, my Vudu box and also my
> television have Ethernet connections as well.  One more device (the
> yet-to-be-purchased BluRay player) and I'll have to upgrade the hub I use!
> (go from 4 ports to 6 or 8)
> Adam Goldberg
> adam_g@xxxxxxxxx

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