[opendtv] Re: Content picture fuzzy for latest HDTVs

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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:45:20 -0800

It would seem that Dish has some catching up to do - perhaps by merger?

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> My Dish Network 622 has an Ethernet connector and a USB connector, both
> fully functional.  I don't have to plug my telephone line into the box
> anymore (it calls back via internet), and it also can get some content via
> the net as well (what & how, I dunno, because I don't PPV).  Additionally,
> it uses an external USB hard drive (or many, though one at a time) for
> auxillary (long term) storage.
> Both the Ethernet and USB connectors are easy and inexpensive for a
> manufacturer.  But I sure don't want/need a web browser in my
> satellite box
> (even if it is connected to the internet).  BTW, my Vudu box and also my
> television have Ethernet connections as well.  One more device (the
> yet-to-be-purchased BluRay player) and I'll have to upgrade the hub I use!
> (go from 4 ports to 6 or 8)
> Adam Goldberg
> adam_g@xxxxxxxxx

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