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  • Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 08:38:48 -0500

Recently I posted a story about the number of ads that have been run by radio stations to promote "HD" radio. Clearly they are trying to deal with competitive pressures, however the strategy may not be working.

Eric Rhoads is the Publisher of Radio Ink, a broadcast radio newsletter. He also puts together a series of conferences for the radio industry. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I got promoting a renamed conference that he is promoting. It says volumes about the emerging competitive landscape...

Radio Needs To Get Unstuck
The reason I've decided to bring this conference back is because radio is stuck and needs to get unstuck. Not only do we have pressures to reach interactive budgets, we have a whole generation leaving us for other things that command their attention and just seem cooler. But do we really understand this seismic generational shift in culture? Do we know how to address it to our benefit? Or do we think something will change young people's minds and radio will hit their radar screens again? Most radio stations are still offering the same web strategies they offered in 1999, and advertisers expect more from us. This conference is designed to address what you need to do to get unstuck, explain how to become or remain relevant, and show you how to understand your future -- which can be bleak or bright, depending on how you respond.


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