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I don't have a clue, but I'll run this in the next Tech-Notes and you'll 
probably get an answer there.


Donald Koeleman wrote:

>Hi Larry,
>There is plenty coming out of Israel, many by now familliar names, but also
>many upstarts (fostered by US VC's), because of the well established
>Military Industrial Complex overthere. I could also name no more than two
>hands ful of company's of the top of my head so I googled a bit. Most of the
>companies I had in mind have already been mentioned since I see.
>Since you have so much of this historical stuff, perhaps you know where I
>can find some nice pictures of that lovely piece of 70's design the original
>Kloss projector, the 'Advent videobeam 1000' introduced in 1972?
>This is all I have been able to find on line so far:
>Okay, on with the mail I composed earlier on the other account not
>registered with opendtv.
>Harmonic, yeah very much from Israel, the original fiber communications
>business was all Israeli, but expanded into the US before they acquired the
>Divicom business and moved into the cable tv systems biz. The same is true
>for NDS, which still has some of its most important development division(s)
>overthere. News Corp's technology, encryption develloper came out of
>millitary/govermenment led, funded, originated research and development
>programs, that dominated the sector, like many of Israel's IT,
>communications and imaging companies. There are many IT or communications
>companies that also border on or have encroached upon the more traditional
>broadcasting business.
>If you include Gilat the following three may also be added.
>RR Satellite
>A few others Runcom www.runcom.com, www.runcom.co.il
>VBox Communications Ltd
>BitBand Technologies Ltd
>Aran Electronics Ltd
>An interesting list of companies:
>And another list of companies participating in the Israeli tarde mission to
>the Chinese tradeshow.
>Leading-Edge TV Broadcast End-to-End System Solution from World-Leading
>Isreali Companies in CCBN2006
>This year at CCBN we, Israel's Trade Mission to China, are proud to showcase
>for your benefit a complete end-to-end system for Cable, IPTV,
>Cellular/Mobile, Satellite and Telco Digital TV Broadcasting - all comprised
>of leading-edge equipment manufactured and integrated by a consortium of
>Israel-based companies, each a world leader in their field of expertise. We
>will be showcasing at Hall no. 2, booth no. 2405.
>In the system we have:
>. SARFT-compliant MPEG Encoding, Multiplexing, Transrating and Decoding from
>Scopus Video Networks, supplier for CCTV and other prestigious customers
>. DRM from NDS, world leader in content protection for digital Pay-TV
>. Video On Demand appliance-server from BitBand, a leading provider of video
>delivery over IP solutions
>. Middleware for Electronic Program Guides and Interactive Applications from
>Orca Interactive
>. Video Conference equipment from Emblaze-VCON
>. Video and Audio switching, conversion and signal processing from Kramer
>. IP satellite DTV receiver box from VBox Communications
>. Video over coax and IPTV from Israel/China-based CBT (China Broadcasting
>Technologies and its subsidiaries in Israel including TMT, Coresma and
>This system is a blueprint for the future, easily adaptable for today's
>fast-changing environment, new standards and regulations and continued
>performance optimization and cost control.
>In the Digital Video Broadcasting domain alone we count in Israel dozens of
>companies in a wide range of expertise: ? ?Scopus, BitBand, Harmonic,
>Optibase, Terayon, BigBand, ADI, QOD and others - for professional Headend
>and VOD equipment
>? ?Orca Interactive, Emblaze-VCON, Infogate and others - for Middleware and
>Interactive Applications
>? ?NDS for Conditional Access/DRM and Encryption
>? VBox, Adimos, Softier and others - for consumer Home Media Gateway and
>set-top box technologies
>? ?Amdocs - for IPTV billing and customer management systems
>? ?Zoran, Intel Israel, Siano, Horizon, NeoMagic and others - for
>Semiconductor and ASIC chip design of HDTV, MPEG Decoding, DVD, LCD-TV image
>processing, Cellular Phone Video, etc.
>And another great list to pick and choose from, msome already mentioned,
>some local set-ups by international business, so truely to telco to still
>call broadcast, but a good list to start from:
>27 Israeli broadband cos meet US counterparts in Atlanta
>(Israel Business Arena Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)27 Israeli broadband
>companies, mostly new start-ups, will meet US communications corporations at
>the US-Israel Broadband Business Exchange in Atlanta, organized by the
>American Israel Chamber of Commerce Southeast Region.
>American Israel Chamber of Commerce president Tom Glaser said, This is
>basically a get-to-know-you meeting. He said 600 meetings between
>representatives of the Israeli companies and of leading telecommunications
>and cable companies in the Western Hemisphere were held within 24 hours. I
>hear that at least one Israeli company has reached an understanding with a
>US company for a joint venture as a result of the conference,
>Participating Israeli companies were Adamind Ltd. (AIM:ADA), AgileCO, Allot
>Communications Ltd., Atrica Inc., Axerra Networks Inc., Bitband, CableMatrix
>Technologies Inc., Catch Media, Clariton Networks, Compedia, EZArchive,
>FiberZone Networks, Ensure Networks (formerly Gaia BSM), Gallery IP
>Telephony Inc., GooMe Interactive Ltd., Infogate Online Ltd., Integra5
>Communications Ltd., ObjectTV, Orca Interactive Ltd. (AIM:ORCA), PanMedia
>Group, PeerApp Inc., Resolute Networks Ltd., Scopus Video Networks Ltd.
>(Nasdaq:SCOP), Screenpeaks Ltd., SercoNet, VBox Communications Ltd.,
>Visitar, Wavetone Technologies, Wavion Ltd., and Xtend Networks.
>Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs) president and CEO Richard
>Green said, Israel is one of the most dynamic sources in the world of
>high-tech companies, especially in broadband and telecommunications.
>Atlanta-based CableLabs is a sponsor of the conference.
>Veritas Venture Partners partner Lawrence Olivier said the US government and
>US companies knew that Israel was a hothouse of innovation in broadband. We
>expect this conference to lead to important relationships.
>The US-Israel Broadband Business Exchange, held for the second time,
>emphasizes Atlanta's position have the fifth largest concentration of
>Israeli high-tech, biotechnology and medical devices companies in the US,
>after New York, Silicon Valley, Boston's Route 128, and northern Virginia.
>Glaser said 45 Israeli companies were active in greater Atlanta, employing
>thousands of workers. These companies include Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE:DOX),
>Mercury Interactive Corporation (Pink Sheets:MERQ), Check Point Software
>Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), and Given Imaging Ltd. (Nasdaq: GIVN;
>TASE:GIVN). Some Israeli companies are headquartered in Atlanta, while
>others maintain R&D centers or regional offices.
>5,000 Israelis live in Atlanta, mostly employed by Israeli companies in the
>area. Glaser said this was a very mobile community, with many families
>spending a few years in Atlanta before returning to Israel.
>The heavy business traffic between Israel and Atlanta has not gone unnoticed
>by Delta Airlines, which will inaugurate a direct Tel Aviv-Atlanta route in
>March. Glaser said this business traffic was a reason for the decision to
>launch the route.
>Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - www.globes.co.il - on
>February 16, 2006
>http://www.softier.com H.264 stb's
>Talking of h.264 there is of course Moonlight/Elecard.
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>Hi all:
>I'm having a senior moment again. There are several Israeli based
>electronic firms that make equipment for the broadcast market place. Can
>anyone please help me in remembering who they are?


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