[opendtv] Circular, elliptical antenna polarization improves mobile DTV reception reliability, says Schadler

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 17:02:43 -0700

SPX Communication Technology director of Advanced Antenna Systems Development John Schadler says circular and elliptical polarized DTV antennas are important tools in delivering a mobile DTV signal viewers can count on. *


*The benefits of Circular /elliptical polarization are well know and became standard practice about 60 years ago for FM radio broadcasters to enable reliable reception in moving vehicles.

C.P was also used to improve reception of fixed analog TV receivers in many difficult reception conditions and is also utilized at a number of the DTV installations, particularly those constructed by Pappas telecasting.

Our first C.P. television installation was a high powered fully circular antenna at WHNS-TV CH. 21, in North/South Carolina (about 1983). This 200 KW transmitter is at a high mountain top installation near Brevard N.C. and resulted in the very best UHF reception in my experience, which is extensive. Within days of signing this station on the air we received a call from Georgia Public TVs Director of engineering asking; "what are y'all doing up there? I'm over a hundred and thirty miles away from your site and have perfect reception from a standard UHF antenna which is indoors on the floor. He was so impressed he visited the site to see this minor miracle in person.


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