[opendtv] Re: Chip makers venture into portable HD H.264 market

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In a previous gig with a chip/DSP vendor, there was a lot of interest in
a PVR that could record incoming MPEG-2 streams and background transcode
them to H.264 for storage efficiency. So there were a few customers who
wanted MPEG-2 decode and H.264 encode/decode.

It was never clear to me whether this really driven by customer
requirements or chip limitations (the chip could not do real-time H.264
encode at the time).


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> That's true for analog TV but for digital TV a DVR will 
> typically just save the needed parts of the stream, already 
> compressed.  So I don't know if future DVR's will need 
> encoders unless they also capture home material (non DRM'd) 
> from component or some other uncompressed inputs.
> - Tom
> Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
> > I'm not sure why they say here that the Japanese and Korean markets 
> > have different priorities from the US and Euro markets. Surely, all 
> > markets need real-time encoders for consumer appliances 
> such as DVRs?
> > 
> > Bert
> > 
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