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  • Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 11:18:18 -0400

At 11:53 AM -0400 10/2/06, Mark Aitken wrote:

Are all new monitors shipping with USB ports? Do these monitors have the processor requirements to support a USB based receiver? (in other words, lots of smarts required for USB receiver products...) A lot of assumptions being made based on this statement...IMHO.

the one that is watching ATSC 8-VSB from his DuoCore based laptop PC via a Fujiplus USB tuner

Perhaps I overstated the case.

A USB input would be useful, IF if could take the MPEG transport stream from the tuner and feed it to the decoder in the set. Processing power would not be an issue, as it would simply be a matter of feeding the bits to the decoder. It would not make sense as a connection to a monitor, although some computer monitors do have USB interfaces for control purposes.

What is more likely is that we will continue to see external tuners in the form of STBs that will connect via the HDMI inputs that ARE becoming a standard interface on new TVs and monitors. This is a bit less efficient, however, it allows for more options (H.264, DVR, Internet access, network interconnections, etc.).

I was thinking about an article by Robert X. Cringely that I saw recently, when I suggested the USB interface. The article talks about Apple's iTV prototype, and possible reasons why Apple may have included the USB2 interface. Cringely thinks it is for the attachment of an iChat camera for in-home video conferencing. It could also support a dock for a Video iPOD. But it could ALSO support tuner modules. I know that iTV supports H.264, but do not know if it can scale up to HDTV sources. Most likely it also decodes MPEG-2. Guess we'll have to wait until January to find out.



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