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  • Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 14:11:15 -0400

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> Most countries are NOT mandating tuners in new TV's/Monitors.

Most countries have not shut off analog TV either.

The "tuner mandate" is the technique used in the US to move the DTV
transition forward. Same technique was used for introducing UHF in the
early 1960s. Ultimately, the UHF tuner became integrated all over the

So far, Germany is the only country where analog shutoff was successful
in anything but small trial regions. Their mechanism was the progressive
shutdown of analog stations. That forced people to switch.

Italy failed to meet their 31 July analog shutdown in Valle d'Aosta and
Sardegna, the specific reason being an inadequate penetration of DTT
receivers. This in spite of the road shows and public announcements.
Their new strategy in those regions is to begin a phased analog
shutdown, starting on 1 March 2007. We'll see.

I suppose the FCC could have taken that same approach, vs the "tuner
mandate," although it's not clear to me whether either approach is
obviously preferable. I find it interesting, though, that both countries
picked 1 March 2007 as the date to start getting serious about ending
the transition.

In the end, whatever approach is used, DTV receivers will be integrated
in sets anyway.

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