[opendtv] Charirman Genachowski speech at NAB

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 20:02:17 -0500


The interesting stuff starts well in the second half.

He says incentive auctions are a win-win for broadcasters and broadband, and a 
"slam dunk" for the public. I'm not so sure about that last part. At least, not 
for those who actually use FOTA TV.

He says voluntary incentive auctions are voluntary, although the broadcaster 
might not be allowed to remain in its existing 6 MHz channel. Interesting.

He doesn't seem to understand the comment that if two broadcasters share 
spectrum, mobile DTV will suffer. Or at least, he responds with generalities 
about "business models," which makes me wonder.

He doesn't buy the argument that we need a new broadcast standard first. I tend 
to agree on that. Unless the "new standards" proponents are prepared for big 
changes, such as (a) deploying a dense mesh of towers to exploit MIMO 
advantages throughout market areas, or (b) installing regional networks to 
allow SFNs to really save on spectrum, I haven't seen any convincing arguments 
that appreciable amounts of spectrum can be saved with a modulation change.

Nor does switching to H.264 seem to have the 2:1 benefits that one keeps 
reading about. Even the French scheme, where they increased from two to three 
HD programs in a 24 MHz channel, doesn't support the 2:1 hype. Not unless these 
are all sports programming, which they are not. (Compare this with the common 
mix of 1 HD + 3 SD, in a 19 Mb/s channel, with MPEG-2 compression. Assume 
whatever numbers you like.)

But a change to compression would seem like the simplest of all. Perhaps make 
it a jump to H.265, while we're at it.


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