[opendtv] Cablevision to appeal network DVR ruling

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I suppose this ruling makes it even more desirable to incorporate
digital receivers in recording devices available to consumers. And
again, what they call "remote-storage DVR" in this piece is actually a
device inside the cable network, not on consumer premises.



Cablevision to appeal network DVR ruling

New York cable operator Cablevision has lost a legal battle which could
have implications for providers of network digital TV recorders around
the world. Last year Cablevision sought to offer subscribers a service
which stores programmes on Cablevision's servers, and makes them
available on-demand. By launching a network digital TV recorder service
Cablevision would remove the need to provide subscribers with new
set-top boxes.

But the move soon prompted legal action from US television broadcasters
and Hollywood movie studios including Time Warner's CNN and Cartoon
Network divisions, NBC Universal, CBS Paramount, Fox and ABC owner Walt
Disney, who claimed the new digital TV recorder was in effect a
video-on-demand (VOD) service, and by recording and storing programmes
Cablevision was infringing copyright.

Cablevision argued in the New York US District Court that its network
digital video recorder technology was no different to home-storage
devices such as TiVo. But a judge ruled in favour of the media owners,
and Cablevision-which had been spurred on by other cable operator's
vocal support-is now considering an appeal.

"We are disappointed by the judge's decision, and continue to believe
that remote-storage DVRs are consistent with copyright law and offer
compelling benefits for consumers-including lower costs and broader
availability of this popular technology," said Cablevision.

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