[opendtv] Re: CableLabs Proposes Specifications for OTA Reception in Cable Boxes

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  • Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 15:41:34 -0800

no, you shouldn't have said that, either.  The lptv/tv translator transition 
began over two years ago, with an unspecified - at this point - end date.  
Hundreds of cps have already been granted forcompanion channels.

John Willkie
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  I should have said when most of the approx. 2,128, Analog Low Power and 4,737 
  stations can BEGIN the DTV transition in Feb2009 as channels 
  freqs become available:

  Obviously, it's impossible to "flash-cut" all of them to DTV all at once, as 
is discussed in the above.
  [Not enough transmitter/tower crews.....]
  And note that it clearly states that ALL of these stations must transition to 
DTV....although the end date is T.B.D.

  BTW: FCC is (was?) accepting applications to either simulcast or "flash-cut" 
to DTV:
  So they could still TRY to obtain a license now, subject to the usual 
interference constraints....


  Tom Barry <trbarry@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

    Bob Miller wrote:
    > There is no requirement for LP stations to transition to DTV in 2009.
    > Bob Miller
    Ha! Then if I was running an LP station I'd wait until after 2/09 and try 
to pick up some extra equipment for fire sale prices after the broadcasters 
have less use for the redundancy.

    - Tom

    > On 3/9/07, Richard Hollandsworth wrote:
    >> Whereas with NTSC, only one program could be carried >>per channel,
    >> ATSC can support as many as five or six.
    >> This significantly changes the economic equation, >>making it easier for 
niche programs to lease bits, rather >>than buying a transmitter and building a 
    >> Most of the LP stations have, thus far, not participated in >>the DTV 
transistion, probably cuz there weren't enough >>channels for double NTSC/ATSC 
    >> In 2009, when Analog LP stations transition to DTV, they >>could team 
together to share several different >>subprograms on a single transmitter, as 
we already see >>in L.A.
    >> Since DTV stations can be paced into nearly EVERY >>channel position 
across the greater metro area, that's a >>LOT of available program capacity....
    >> Related question: what's going to happen to all of that >>expensive 
hardware when current Analog and duplicate >>DTV stations transition to their 
final configuration and
    >> nearly half the transmitters/towers in America become "excess".....
    >> I'm predicting a bunch are simply shut down and an even >>bigger bunch 
will be upgraded to carry some of the >>current LP programs plus a bunch of new 
niche >>stations....
    >> And perhaps even delivery of movies (HD-DVD, p*orn, >>whatever) via 
encrypted MPEG4 streams...
    >> holl_ands

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