[opendtv] Cable TV Races to Keep Up With Consumers

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      Cable TV Races to Keep Up With Consumers
      - Apr 10, 2006 04:19 PM (AP Online)

By SETH SUTEL AP Business Writer

ATLANTA (AP) -- There's a big power shift in the world of paid 
television, and it's not between the traditional rivals of cable and 
satellite. Consumers are getting more control over what and how they 
watch, and cable operators are doing everything they can to cater to 
their rapidly evolving desires.

As the cable TV industry's annual trade show got under way in Atlanta 
Monday, one of the hottest topics was finding ways to keep abreast of 
consumers' TV viewing habits, which seem to change daily as shows 
become available over the Internet, on portable devices, and on DVDs.

Underscoring just how quickly TV business models are evolving, Walt 
Disney Co.'s ABC announced Monday that it would offer full-length 
episodes of several of its hit shows, including "Desperate 
Housewives" and "Lost," for free streaming over the Internet on the 
day after they appear on ABC. The shows will be supported by 
advertising that you can't skip through.

Disney described the effort as a two-month test, but if it's 
successful it could pose problems for cable companies, which are 
working hard to get more premium shows available on their 
video-on-demand offerings, one of several promising new business 
areas for cable.


      - http://www.quote.com/home/news/story.asp?story=57505373

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