[opendtv] COFDM demod also good for ATSC

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I know most on here think these things are so very different, but
really, they aren't. Take a look at this site.

I especially like the part where they only mention the COFDM demod. So

From Hong Kong. Hey, no wonder those guys were so successful with their
ATSC tests in 2000. They were using a COFDM demod. Clever.



New Product
DVB-T/ATSC receiver uses DiBcom mobile COFDM demodulator

Posted : April 14, 2007

Hong Kong SAR - Emperor Corp. (H.K.) Ltd has introduced a DVB-T/ATSC
digital TV receiver, model DTR-1101. The unit uses a DiBcom
DIB3000MC/7000M mobile COFDM demodulator with a receiving frequency
range of 170MHz to 230MHz (VHF-H)/470MHz to 860MHz (UHF).

The unit has four sets of video outputs and an A/V input. It works on
12V to 24V DC and consumes 8.4W of power. Dimensions are 185x133x39mm.

Reference FOB price is $120 per unit for the minimum order of 1,000
units. Delivery takes 30 to 45 days.
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