[opendtv] Re: CE manufacturers to hide upgradeable middleware inside sets

  • From: Albert Manfredi <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 00:14:27 -0400

Ciril Kosorok wrote:

> CE manufacturers to hide upgradeable middleware inside
> sets?
> I don't think so!
> Why would a CE mfg heavely invest in R&D / license fees /
> ongoing interoperability support etc then hide it?
> It makes no economical sense.

It's not the middleware that's hidden, it's the STB. It makes sense for 
consumers that don't want the STB, e.g., those that hang flat screen panels on 

Here's the quote I think you're referring to?


Beyond the Box

CE manufacturers to hide upgradeable middleware inside sets

by John Merli, 6.25.2008
John Merli is a News Correspondent for TV Technology Magazine.

[ ... ]


The technical two-way heart of this box-inside-the-box concept that a
wide array of other parties also plan to use (i.e., TiVo), consists of
Java-based, upgradeable middleware that enables the so-called "tru2way"
technology developed by CableLabs. Beyond the mere streamlined cosmetics
produced by hiding the box, the NCTA and CEA believe the agreement with
the CE companies will help establish a competitive market for two-way
cable-ready products and services. (The "tru2way" brand replaced the use
of the term "OpenCable Platform" for marketing the interactive video
platform to consumers.)

[ ... ]

The way I read it, the "hiding" describes the "streamlined cosmetics," not the 
fact that there's this cool upgradeable middleware in there.

(Then again, it's not absolutely mandatory to have two-way service of tru2way 
to provide for upgradeability, but that's another discussion.)


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