[opendtv] Re: CBS Color without a wheel?

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Lest we forget, NASA used field sequential color video for space-to-earth color video starting with the Apollo moon landings through at least half of the Space Shuttle flights. So the CBS idea didn't completely die with the adoption of NTSC/PAL/SECAM.

Field sequential color's major drawback is severe color edging on fast moving objects, or rapid camera movements. (This can clearly be seen on NASA moon landing color footage. ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOGT9TBPYRU&feature=related) Sports would look horrible with a field sequential color system.

Also, with three colors but only two video fields per frame, frame accurate editing of field sequential videotape would also be about as successful as SECAM editing. Then there is the problem of slo-motion and frame-by-frame playback of sequential color videotape recordings.

All in all, a color video system with completely self contained full color fields or frames was the right way to go.



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The CBS system made color by spinning a 3 color wheel, RBG, in front of a B&W camera, and another wheel spinning in sync with the first one in front of a B&W Television set. The color was beautiful and stable.

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