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  • Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 01:40:25 +0000

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> But there was nothing commercial about the ARPANET. It was only after
> it became the Public Internet that the real innovation happened,
> starting with Andressen's web browser.

I wouldn't go that far. Everything about the Internet was plenty innovative, 
from very early on. What could be more innovative than packet switching which 
required almost no state information to be retained at routers? That's what 
made the Internet so different from previous telco global networks. What could 
be more innovative than inventing a way to transmit synchronous media streams 
over an unsynchronized, packet-switched network? Or what about global e-mail? 
Nothing like that existed before. This happened before 1991.

Sure, in 1991, when commercial enterprises got into the game, there was even 
that much more interest and participation.

> The important takeaway here is that the IETF does not try to focus
> on innovation. It lets the marketplace demonstrate the need then
> codifies the enabling technologies.

No, I don't agree with your interpretation. The IETF, just like and the ATSC or 
the IEEE, are only umbrella organizations. The IETF lets the MEMBERSHIP 
indicate the need for innovation, members made up of academia, private 
companies (e.g. equipment vendors and service providers), and even just 
interested individuals. Then the IETF working groups have to hash out the new 
ideas from indivdual members, with other members of the working group. And they 
"rough consensus" vote on whether to carry on with a particular project.

In the IETF, they make it very plain that each contributor is treated as AN 
INDIVIDUAL. His company or academic affiliation has no standing at all. It's 
very democratic. So, as an umbrella organization, there's a whole lot of 
innovation in IETF RFCs. Comes from the membership.


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