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K. B. wrote alt.video.digital-tv:
 > Other panel members seemed less enthusiastic about pulling the plug 
on analog transmission. At least two said they did not look forward to 
being in their offices, taking calls from angry constituents, who will 
want to know why they can no longer receive free over-the-air TV the day 
after the switchoff.
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Bob Miller response...
 From that same article...

"During the questions from the audience, one broadcaster took the mic 
and sarcastically told Barton that broadcasters had failed Congress 10 
years ago when it was considering a digital transition deadline. He said 
broadcasters had failed to explain the importance of a “digital 
reception” deadline as part of digital transmission deadline."

Barton held a meeting today in the Rayburn Building on the subject which 
I attended. When I brought up the same subject of the need for a 
receiver standard and the facts that most receivers sold today will not 
meet any meaningful standard an engineer could set to paper with a 
straight face he took offense.

He said that that was not what manufactures were telling him.

Well what one manufacturer told his LA's at a meeting last week was 
this, paraphrased. They were demonstrating a solid state 
tuner/receiver/converter card that they said they could make for $40 in 
quantities of millions. This cost does not include IP royalties, a box 
or power supply, the cord, blinking lights and plastic front end, remote 
control, just the board with connectors for S-Video out, antenna in and 
composite (no HD this is just for converting to your analog TV)

They then said that their OEM's would add all that and then include 
margins for sales, marketing and distribution bringing the sale price to 

My estimate is more like $125 minimum but everyone there was eating this 
up. Why? Because $60 is the magic number that Motorola mentioned 
sometime back that they would make receivers for so everyone 
automatically and cynically has to match it.

BTW a Motorola rep at the meeting today tried to shout me down by saying 
that Motorola has perfect 8-VSB receivers no problem today. Later 
talking to him outside he knew nothing.

So the dreaming goes on. If Barton does not get some real world input 
his bill will crash and burn, dead on arrival. I was there because I 
really would not like that to happen but whenever DC hears anything they 
don't like they attack.

Bob Miller

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