[opendtv] Re: Backward Compatibility of Robust DTV Transmissions

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Once a receiver is built, how much can be done ex post facto to improve the performance? With so many receivers designed around "blind equalization" exclusively, I don't understand what sort of "training wheels" can be added to ATSC to help them.

I can see how one could create pseudo-training sequences ala A-VSB that could help new receivers improve their performance without upsetting existing hardware, but I think the best one can hope for with legacy receivers is similar to the Hippocratic oath, "first do no harm."


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Actually, backward compatibility has been given short shrift in proposals
for robust 8VSB.  These proposals time division multiplex robust
transmissions with ordinary 8VSB, but no portion of the robust transmission
is usefully received by legacy receivers.  In short, training wheels
approaches have been ignored.

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