[opendtv] Re: Automakers Oppose HD Radio Requirement

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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 00:48:47 -0700

It could be that they think the color blue is actually what the rest of us
call the color red, but nobody is required to keep the radio installed in
their new car, and I think only fools would buy one car over another due to
the lack or presence of HD radio or XM or Sirrius.

Cliff, time to get in the present:  What was the last year GM or Ford
reported a profit from selling cars in the U.S?  Yesterday's news is that GM
is cancelling their quarterly dividend; first time in 86 years, something
they even did during the Great Depression.

Not that this had anything to do with radios, but it helps if you are at
least in the present.

John Willkie

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John Shutt wrote:
> HD Radio is provided free of charge by your friendly local radio 
> broadcaster,
> John
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>> ATSC reception is free--doesn't require a paid subscription as do 
>> Onstar, Acuralink, XM and Serius. Don't know about Ibiquity or HD 
>> radio as far as subscriptions though.


It may then be that the other subscription service owners don't want a 
service that is 'free' bundled in with their 'paid' services.

It might dilute their profits and cause anarchy within their subscriber 
base when they begin asking why some services are free and others have a 

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