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Harwood's circuit did not affect chroma phase outside a selected small range of 
orangish hues, which avoided Greenish tinges both to white faces and 
interestingly to black faces. Greens were not affected.

There were probably other auto flesh tone adjustment circuits, some of which 
may have tinkered with chroma carrier phase.

The auto flesh tone adjustment tended to make faces look more alike in color 
and faces lost a certain live look to my eye.


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  Allen Le Roy Limberg wrote:

 In the 70's Leopold Harwood developed
circuitry that adjusted flesh tones automatically for NTSC receivers.Auto flesh 
tone was probably a good thing for most consumer TVs but it worked at the 
  of other colors in the picture.
  Greens in sets with auto flesh tone turned on usually looked a muddy brownish 
green and reds were orange-ish.

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