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Bert wrote:
>Can you get an idea of how popular multichannel services are down 
>under? Do your relatives subscribe to any such service? Do they find it an 
>unnecessary expense?

        Of the four households, only one subscribes to FoxTel while the 
use OTA analog.

The additional DTV set availability is based upon today's store visits:

Two large stores visited were Good Guys and Harvey Normans. Each had a
substantial inventory-
* Many DTV receivers were available at each store, twelve models were HDTV
capable. Several were dual tuner large drive DVRs from $770 to $600 US. The
lowest priced HDTV STB was $160 US.
* The lowest price of the four SD STBs was $60 US. Signal outputs were
Vid/SVid/RGB while audio was L/R and Optical.
* All sets, except two large 1080P units, were displaying LOCAL OTA
STATIONs (Cricket, Golf and a game show) in wide screen SD mode, which
looked good and which is a major departure from US store policies. The time
of day was early afternoon and no HD was being broadcast. The 1080P sets
were fed by a Blue Ray demo disk. The salesman advised me that, as yet, no
other "software" is available for this format.

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