[opendtv] Australia DTV

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 04:30:04 -0500

Have been in Perth Australia for the past two weeks and find an abundance
of DTV Sets of all types advertized in stores and many include OTA
recevers. There are also many STBs and DVRs. The prices, other than for
STBs, seem about the same as in the US. We've seen STBs that begin at about
$60 (46 US) while the HD boxs start at about $160 (123 US).

None of my relatives here own DTV equipment and many are only moderatly
familiar with its avilability. My performance observations are so far
limited to stores and commercial locations but everything seems to work
well and, of course, looks good. I'll have the opportunity to see a bit
more this weekend now that my relatives have taken me to every beach in the
area! (which are indeed beautiful and worth seeing)

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