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Some Aussie DTV News

Ready, Set, Go to Digital – A Digital Action Plan for Australia

The Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan, today released a $20 million Digital Action Plan to help guide Australia’s transition to digital television.

Ready, Get Set, Go Digital – A Digital Action Plan for Australia outlines key steps the Government will take on the road to digital switchover and includes the creation of a dedicated switchover body – Digital Australia – which will be tasked with coordinating the efforts of Government, industry, manufacturers, the regulator and consumers in the lead-up to switchover.

“As technology evolves, consumers are demanding always-on, anywhere access to their favourite content – whether it is on the television, their mobile phone or their computer,” Senator Coonan said.

“It is this passion for new services and improved technology that is driving the international switch to digital. Digital television is more efficient, more interactive, offers better picture and sound quality and delivers innovative new services to consumers.

Across the globe Governments are considering how best to help their countries make the digital switch. For its part, the Government wants to work towards a Digital Australia for the many benefits it brings.

“Australian consumers will see the emergence of a range of new digital only services to help make the digital experience more attractive. New digital channels will emerge and current free-to-air broadcasters will be able to boost their range of services with additional digital channels.

“In addition to improved picture and sound quality and new services for Australian consumers, the switch to digital will also deliver a digital dividend to all Australians by bringing to an end the costly simulcast period and freeing up valuable spectrum for better and more efficient use.

“Over the next few years Australians will hear more and more about digital – its benefits, new channels that will be on offer and information about Australia’s transition to digital switchover which will commence in 2010-2012. During the transition to digital television the Government’s priority is consumers - we want to ensure Australians are not left behind in the switch to digital television.

“The Government will work closely with the broadcasting industry to ensure the transition to digital switchover is as smooth as possible and keep consumers informed every step of the way. This is an exciting moment for Australian television - the journey to a Digital Australia has begun.

Electronic copies of the Digital Action Plan are available at www.dcita.gov.au and printed copies will be available shortly.

Ministers press release

Some Australian press reporting on the Plan




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