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Tomorrow some further information about MPEG4 S/HDTV, why UK FTA broadcasters 
are likely to have to pay for HDTV spectrum, and the use of analogue spectrum 
after PAL switchoff. In the meantime from today's mediaguardian.co.uk,
Kind Regards,
Dermot Nolan
Digital TV uptake swells

Jemima Kiss
Wednesday December 20, 2006

Nearly three-quarters of UK households now watch digital TV on their main set, 
according to the latest market survey by media regulator Ofcom. 
The UK's digital TV audience grew by another 814,000 households in the third 
quarter of 2006, and 602,000 of those were watching digital TV for the first 
time. More than 18.5m households now have digital TV equipment at home. 
In the three months to the end of September, the proportion of UK households 
watching digital TV grew from 70.2% to 73.3%. 
Only 168,000 new households went digital in the second quarter, so the growth 
between July and September this year - usually the quietest period for TV 
equipment buying - suggests the rate people are switching from analogue is 
picking up again. 
Seven million households can now watch the Freeview digital terrestrial TV 
service, compared to 6.4m still with traditional analogue sets. 
Satellite is still the most popular digital TV delivery method, with one-third 
of UK homes, or 8.5m, subscribed to Sky Digital or free-to-view services. 
Sky Digital gained 68,000 new subscribers between July and September to reach 
7.8m UK homes in total. 
Digital cable saw the highest number of new subscriptions for more than two 
years. The 22,000 new cable TV households in the third quarter brings the total 
number to just over 3.3m. 
Ofcom also found that the number of households watching digital TV on second or 
third sets in the home continues to increase. 
Sales of digital terrestrial TV equipment exceeded the million mark for the 
fifth consecutive quarter, with 1.4m set-top boxes and TVs with integrated 
digital tuners sold between July and September.

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