[opendtv] Re: Are ATSC Stations Going Off The Air?

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I'm on cable.


On 10/10/2013 12:33 PM, Mike Tsinberg wrote:

Yes I had also troubles when I was using DSL with bit rate hovering around 1Mb/s. However, when I switched to lowest Cable data rate tear around 3.5 Mb/s to 4 Mb/s I never had problems with Netflix, iTunes or Skype.

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Mike Tsinberg

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I'm theoretically one of those who has had broadband access for years. I recently tried a Skype call and was told my bit rate was too low for video.

Sometimes it's fine; sometimes it's not.

I don't want it to not be fine while I'm watching.

We're not quite there yet.

And, for outside the home, at the Future Zone at IBC last month, Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig offered one of the most-sensible distribution plans for putting live mass-appeal programming on mobile devices, an overlay of a tower-based broadcast over regular LTE cells.


On 10/10/2013 12:06 PM, Mike Tsinberg wrote:

    Who would plan to use over the air reception if you can pick up
    more programming streaming on line? According to this article
    72.4% US households have broadband access.


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    Mike Tsinberg

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    Is this something we'll see occurring more often in the future, or
    just an anomaly?


    *KTUD Vegas TV goes off the air Thursday*

    *LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) -- *News 3 has learned through a
    contracted employee with KTUD Channel 25 -- Cable Ch. 14 -- will
    go off the air at midnight Thursday night.

    The doors will be closed for good on Friday.

    Employees were given the bad news in an afternoon meeting.

    Vegas TV was purchased by Greenspun Broadcasting in 2004. Recent
    efforts to sell the station for $4 million have failed.

    The channel mostly runs syndicated programming such as "Family
    Guy" and "Community."

    Efforts to contact the Greenspun organization have been
    unsuccessful, including a call to Brian Greenspun's cell phone.
    KTUD bosses are not talking, either.

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