[opendtv] Apple AirPlay and the Window of Obsolescence

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Apple AirPlay and the Window of Obsolescence

David Pogue
AUGUST 2, 2012

Anytime there's a new operating system, there's somebody who 
complains. Usually, the new OS "breaks" some older piece of software. 
Or maybe your printer won't work after the upgrade. Something.

Last week in my New York Times column, I reviewed Apple's new 
Mountain Lion operating system. It doesn't break much of anything, 
because it's basically a dressed-up Lion.

But there is an outcry, all right. It's about AirPlay.

"AirPlay does not seem to work on any of Apple's computers much older 
than one year," wrote one unhappy reader. "Please have a look at the 
sea of negative comments mentioning this on Apple's pertinent upgrade 
download page. The negatives are a resounding thumbs down on this 

Well, I'm not sure on that last point - three million people 
downloaded Mountain Lion in the first four days, a faster adoption 
than for any other Mac OS in history, and the users have given it a 
cumulative 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Mac App Store. But the grumbling 
is real.

AirPlay is a fairly amazing feature. As I described it, "AirPlay 
mirroring requires an Apple TV ($100), but lets you perform a real 
miracle: With one click, you can send whatever is on your Mac's 
screen - sound and picture - to your TV. Wirelessly. ... You can send 
photo slide shows to the big screen. Or present lessons to a class. 
Or play online videos, including services like Hulu that aren't 
available on the Apple TV alone."



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