[opendtv] Anybody saving their OpenDTV list messages?

  • From: donald.koeleman@xxxxxxxxxx
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 23:56:19 +0200

My webmail has been bursting at its seems for the past few years. Clearing things is hard work a few emails at a time. So, I have cleared some bigger batches like the 'news' and announcements from IBC 2007 -2012, a lot of analyst emails, and so on, but now I am back at 99.6 percent of the 3 gigabytes offered by my emailservice. And I am looking for another big batch to delete and clear some space.

So, should I delete the OpenDTV list from the past six years, or not? There are only 12259 messages, till the next outburst between Bert and Craig that is. The years prior are stored somewhere in an Outlook Express database on a DVD. Is anybody else hanging on to this 'part of history', LOL.

Google search of the online freelist isn't that great. The Topica years are no longer online.

The list has lost quite a bit of its appeal to me, first of all because every-one beside Bert and Craig seem to have left, except for the plugs for the retreat and antique TVs;-). Secondly, I couldn't post because the list bounced all my messages, because the webmail used the original address and not the alias I signed-up with, so I resorted to emailing people off-list a few times per year, instead.

Thirdly, I am getting old;-)...

Any other sentimental folks, longing for the heydays of OpenDTV, the late nineties...

Speaking of new things, Jeroen is that new $999,- MSRP TCL 4K TV any good? I know that's a different Philips sell-off/minority participation.



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