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  • Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 09:51:28 -0800 (PST)

For the list members that wonder what I am up to, I will be testing the
output of my metadata/psip generator/monitor at a company in the San Diego
area equipped with the appropriate test facilities next week.

Within a few days to a week after correcting any issue that arise during
the testing of the software-only implementation, I plan to test DVB-ASI
output using a dedicated hardware platform.

In the first round of testing a week or two back, there were a few more
issues than I thought, including a bad CRC-32 algorithm.  It appears that
I've resolved or will in the next day or so, have resolved those issues.

One of the largest issues was that I was trying a new, brute-force timing
scheme, which required the computer to interrupt every 1 ms, which is the
minimum interrupt time the hardware permits.  That didn't work so well;
I've reverted to a interrupt cycle with plenty of headroom.  That's why
they call it testing.

Perhaps I'm overintellectualizing, but one of the hanging nits right now
is: what happens if the duty cycle (between table instances) is one
millisecond more than the spec permits, because it looks like that happens
from time to time.

It is also my intent to demonstrate a metadata generator that fully
supports Directed Channel Change at the Tech Retreat in January.  Folks,
particularly those associated with startups, that support this technology
might want to contact me off-list.

I talk about this stuff in more detail (and with a higher signal to noise
ratio) on the EtherGuide CallSign email discussion list. 
(mailto:EtherGuideCallsign-request@xxxxxxxxxxx)   Somehow, Topica has not
inserted advertising into list postings.

John Willkie
EtherGuide Systems
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