[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Should Apple Buy Hollywood?

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As I understand movie theater projectors shutter flickers each frame two or
three times a frame essentially creating similar to 24 Hz to 48 Hz or 24 Hz
to 72 Hz frame rate conversion.




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Mike Tsinberg wrote:

"Actually when deinterlacer deals with movies and it should detect 24 F/s
cadence (3/2 pull-down) it should switch to recovery of 24 F/s progressive
video and convert it into 60 F/s video. Of course converting it to 72 F/s or
120 F/s is much better because of integer relationship."

Yes, the TV does this and does it quite well.  The video is smooth and looks
good.  The problem is psychosomatic and the film that we are used to seeing
in 24 pictures per second now has 60, 72, or 120 individual pictures per
second.  This temporal difference turns what we are used to viewing as a
"movie" into what we are used to viewing as "video"/"home movies" or
"soaps".  It has a profound affect on CG effects and sets, too.


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