[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Should Apple Buy Hollywood?

  • From: Cliff Benham <flyback1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 11:16:46 -0500

On 3/1/2012 4:51 AM, Albert Manfredi wrote:
 The DVD spec, on the other hand,
which was for an SD recording medium and was published at the end
(December) of 1995, 4.7 GB disc, 480i or 576i (obviously not HD).

The earliest DVD Players had component and composite outputs but only
at 480i.

Finally, several? years later in the US, Toshiba sold a DVD player that
included a "line doubler" that output 480p. That player sold for $680.00
which was 3 times the cost of a 480i player at that time.


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