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It sounds to me that your knowledge of Tucker came from a movie.  


He was undercapitalized.  He lacked effective distribution - something the
majors got right by about 1928 - he had only a few sellers.


He had some innovative ideas and a rather interesting product, but had no
warranty/repair infrastructure (or payments to dealers for such) and he had
more than a few glitches.


It's true that when he could get cars to dealers, they sold.  Of course, no
new cars had been sold in the U.S. for more than 6 years.  Did I mention
that his pricing was so low that he didn't make enough money on the cars to
handle the items he needed in the third sentence?


He may have been ahead of his time but he was way ahead of his money.


The Edsel wasn't a race car, and wasn't capable of turning like a Porsche.
I know just a bit about 911 Porsches; my late father owned one or another
from 1973 through 2004.  Never saw one with push-button transmission.  Oh,
you're talking about a Porsche with automatic transmission.  What an absurd


How do you support today's small media players?  Have you ever watched
UCSD-TV?  (Available on EchoStar?)  RFD-TV?  The Outdoor Channel?  How about
Versus (currently showing 'Le Tour?')


Don't let your rhetoric get ahead of your head.


John Willkie



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If we want to go with car manufacturers for the analogy, Tucker also made a
car ahead of its time...and people bought them.  Too bad the powerful auto
manufacturers were able to shut him down.  I would like to compare that to
today's big media players. 

(Back to the push-button transmission, open-wheel race cars, Porsches,
Ferraris and some Pontiacs come with shifters on the wheel.  I'd say Edsal
was in good company.) 


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[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Broadcast's $1 Billion Pot of Gold




Ah, making my point, since - aside from Chrysler's Powermatic (push-button)
transmission, they are still ahead of their time, 50+ years later. 
John Willkie 

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