[opendtv] Re: Analysis: Broadcasters Wary of an Obama FCC

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Broadcasters Wary of an Obama FCC
By Kim McAvoy
TVNEWSDAY, Nov 5 2008, 8:22 AM ET

[ ... ]
They contend that media consolidation is limiting the diversity of voices in 
media and they believe the American public is getting less than it should from 
broadcasters in exchange for the valuable spectrum. 
[ ... ]
It seems to me that this isn't the beginning of the Carter administration 
anymore. OTA TV broadcasters should not have a hard time making the case that 
they are, in any given market area, a very tiny percentage of the TV channels 
the vast majority of the locals have access to. So any draconian restrictions 
placed on the few stations in the DMA are hardly going to force people to watch 
what they don't like.
Matter of fact, whatever the FCC does to make OTA stations less attractive to 
the masses is going to push those masses even more into the MVPD walled 
gardens, ensuring that even fewer households in the area will be constrained by 
the fare the FCC might think is best for them.
If the FCC wants to engage in social engineering via the mass media, they had 
best concentrate more on MVPDs.
And FWIW, I agree with the rest of the article, on whether an Obama or a McCain 
administration would be better for OTA broadcasters. Which is to say, there 
would most likely have been at least as many obstacles thrown in the path of 
OTA broadcasters by a McCain administration, if not more so, that by an Obama 
administration. Some folks see ripoffs and corruption even when it doesn't 
exist. Weren't McCain's people among those who were incensed that broadcasters 
got this "outrageous freebie" of a second 6 MHz channel during the DTV 
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