[opendtv] Re: ATSC experience

  • From: "Albert Manfredi" <bert22306@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 13:48:42 -0500

Cliff Benham wrote:

>Uh, Bert, look what you just said. You said you can't
>get WETA-DT from their lower tower but you did
>receive their analog signal from that tower when
>thay had to transmit it from there.
>To me this means that NTSC analog works better
>than ATSC digital,

But again, "compared to what?" Everyone knows that
analog degrades more gracefully. There's no need to
beat that dead horse, unless you want to stay with
analog and trash the whole digital thing. When
WETA used that digital transmitter for its analog
programming, I did not watch it. It was way too
grainy and ugly a signal.

But even more interesting is that I tuned in the
actual Channel 27, on whch WETA-DT is supposed
to be, and the Accurian shows no signal. So it must
be quite weak, considering how strong some of the
Baltimore non-full-power stations come in (46.6 miles
away). The same holds for UPN 20. I tuned in the
actual frequency, and virtually no signal there.

By the way, the Accurian tunes in a station whether
you use the actual channel or the virtual channel.
(Maybe they all do.)

>Good enough for emergency warnings and
>weather forecasts? You bet. ATSC loses this one
>big time.

Sorry, I just can't get all worked up about this
"emergency" service. And by the way, for that,
E8-VSB would be quite effective, since it lowers
the C/N margin required by something like 8 dB.
E8-VSB seems like a really simple way to gain a
few dB of margin while staying totally compatible
with existing receivers. No unlike COFDM, if you
diddle with the FEC only and keep the same
constellation (which is a totally legit thing to do).


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