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I also had a similar DVB-T wishlist that came true recently when Panasonic 
released their DMR-BW500 DVB-T recorder.
Best thing since sliced bread! Now I can't live without it! Maybe you'll have 
to wait for the ATSC version...

Quick spec:
- Blu-ray Disc Recorder with 500GB HDD & Twin HD Tuner
- Integrated Twin HD Digital Tuner, Record Two Programs Simultaneously
- Playback and Archive to Blu-ray Disc in 1920 x 1080p or DVD
- 7 Day Electronic Programme Guide Support 
- HD Optimiser with Digital Noise Reduction for Digital Broadcasting 
- HD Networking with SD Memory Card (AVCHD movie and JPEG [HD]) 


Ciril Kosorok

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  Does anyone know if there is a box one can buy with the following features?

  1.  ATSC tuner.

  2.  Record native HD signals, full quality of the broadcast.

  3.  NO monthly fee or registration.

  4.  Record to Hard Drive for time shifting and replays.

  5.  HDMI output.

  6.  Composite Video output (to be used until I get a monitor with HDMI).

  7.  Be able to record one channel and watch another.

  The list is in order of importance.

  I used to use a computer with a MyHD card to record .ts files, but I would 
like just a plain blackbox that can use a universal remote and doesn't require 
running all the time.

  I found a Sony DVR and JVC DVHS that records HD, but it appears both are 
discontinued.  I found lots of DVD and PVR recorders that record SD, but not HD.

  I see that the TiVO is HD, but works only with a monthly charge.  Do the 
DirectTV boxes require activation (i.e. monthly charge) to work with ATSC?

  I searched avsforum but getting through the all the posts took up more of my 
evening than I wanted it to and I still didn't find straight answers.

  If I, being in the business, can't get to the answers, how is the common 
consumer to?


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