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805 specifies how you could signal copy control restrictions, but 770
stops short of specifiying any anticopy measures. CGMS-A (Macrovision)
does not apply to component outputs. This is the "analog hole".
There are some moves to allow the use of Selective Output Control on
high value content. Upscaling DVD players already enforce it and BluRay
has the capability (so far unused).
Gefen have some personal HD PVRs. No ATSC, but no computer required.
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        Correct. However, it appears that the average cable/satellite
STB does
        not implement CEA-805-C DRM on it's HD component outputs, making
        the Hauppage recorder pretty effective (at least for the
        BTW, I should clarify my previous statement. DTCP/5C encryption
        key exchange only exists on 1394 and IP connections. However,
        descriptors (which may control CEA-805-C DRM) can be added to
        Transport Streams at any time, and are now included in cable
        satellite feeds.
        Richard Hollandsworth wrote: 

DRM controls (similar to DTCP "5C") are also found on the Component
Video I/F, see CEA-805C:

Which explains why the Hauppauge C.V. I/F recorder hasn't been sued off
the market....


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        DTCP/5C only exists on IEEE1394 or IP (DLNA) connections.
        Certainly not component connections. Besides, the whole point of
        the Hauppauge HD-PVR is to get around 5C/DTCP.
        Richard Hollandsworth wrote: 

BTW: The Hauppauge HD-PVR records HD programs to Blu-Ray disc, with HD
Component Video input
from either Cable, SAT or OTA Receiver.  [Presumably uses DTCP "5C" copy



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