[opendtv] Re: ATI equivalent to 5th gen LG?

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Had posted this earlier today it seem that my mail server was on the "Fritz" 
so am resending.

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> ATI Technologies Inc. said Wednesday
>> (Dec. 8) that several of its digital television (DTV)
>> receiver chips meet the performance guidelines established
>> by the Advanced Television Systems Committee in June for
>> high-definition digital television broadcasts.
>> Following the test procedure recommended by the ATSC,
>> executives at ATI (Toronto), a supplier of graphics chips
>> and boards for computing and consumer electronics,
>> demonstrated the performance of the company's Theater 310
>> and 313 chips in a digital TV setup. The ATSC guidelines
>> establish performance parameters for receiver sensitivity, etc
 This announcement could be taken by some to imply that by manufacturing
 "several" of their new digital receiver chips to be compliant with the
 recently published voluntary ATSC DTV receiver standard, that ATI has
 constructed a receiver with excellent all round performance. The fact is
 that the ATSC specification should be recognized as a minimum suggested
 construction standard and one which will likely perform well in good to
 moderate RF conditions. My guess would be that such a receiver would likely
 fall somewhere between 3rd/4th generation performance but I would clearly
 like to see it tested under 5th Gen test conditions to eliminate such guess
 work on my part.

>> Swinimer conceded that the voluntary nature of the ATSC
>> guidelines and the fact that consumers are not in a
>> position to objectively evaluate HDTV performance could
>> complicate purchasing of HDTV sets, which remain costly.
>> Some type of label stating the set meets specified
>> performance criteria could help but so far does not exist,
>> Swinimer said.

 The ATI spokesperson suggests that all DTV product are not necessarily
 created equal and that consumers will have no tool available with which to
 make an informed  purchase unless such product requires labeling stating
 that it meets the ATSC minimum standard. During last years FCC request for
 industry comment to address ATSC reception issues, several broadcast
 companies filed suggestions that such a receiver standard should be
 developed, and it was, and also that such DTV receiver product be labeled 
 state it's compliance. However, such a labeling requirement was roundly
 rejected by CE manufacturers - perhaps they will reconsider?

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