[opendtv] ATI equivalent to 5th gen LG?

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This is the sort of announcement I predict will become
commonplace. It would be interesting to see some
actual comparison tests. Of course, we see just the
type of comparison test I'm talking about here all the
time, in any number of magazines, covering any number
of different product categories. Doesn't seem asking
too much to read comparison tests for ATSC tuner


ATI says DTV chips meet ATSC guidelines
By Spencer Chin , EE Times
December 09, 2004 (9:26 AM EST)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D55300593

NEW YORK, N.Y. - ATI Technologies Inc. said Wednesday
(Dec. 8) that several of its digital television (DTV)
receiver chips meet the performance guidelines established
by the Advanced Television Systems Committee in June for
high-definition digital television broadcasts.

Following the test procedure recommended by the ATSC,
executives at ATI (Toronto), a supplier of graphics chips
and boards for computing and consumer electronics,
demonstrated the performance of the company's Theater 310
and 313 chips in a digital TV setup. The ATSC guidelines
establish performance parameters for receiver sensitivity,
multiple signal overload, phase noise, selectivity, and
multipath distortion.

According to ATI spokesman John Swinimer, ATI and other
consumer electronic makers, semiconductor suppliers, and
broadcasters collaborated on the guidelines to help
digital TV makers meet the timetable set by the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) that would mandate all TVs
13 in. and larger, along with VCRs and DVD players, to
incorporate digital broadcast capability by mid 2007. The
requirements are already being phased into larger TVs.

Swinimer suggested suppliers evaluate the performance of
HDTVs by attaching the sets to local indoor antennas to
determine local channel reception. To analyze reception
performance, he suggested a test setup using T3/S10
Sencore RFP910 RF Vector Player with ATSC vector files, as
recommended by the ATSC.

Swinimer conceded that the voluntary nature of the ATSC
guidelines and the fact that consumers are not in a
position to objectively evaluate HDTV performance could
complicate purchasing of HDTV sets, which remain costly.
Some type of label stating the set meets specified
performance criteria could help but so far does not exist,
Swinimer said.

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