[opendtv] Re: A/53C PID requirements for Jan 1, 2005

  • From: Ron Economos <k6mpg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 02:27:53 -0800

William Smith wrote:

>1. What model receivers are having trouble?
The receivers that stopped working were the
Toshiba DST-3000, the VOOM stb, the
USDTV stb, the Hitachi 51S700 integrated
tuner HDTV and some PC tuner cards.

A few stb's reverted back to the RF channel
number and showed the MPEG-2 Program
number as the sub-channel (24-3 and 24-4).

The LG-4200A, Zenith HD-SAT520, RCA DTC-100,
Sony HD-300 and my own Samsung SIR-T165 had no
problems at all.

>2. Did the TVCT get updated with the new informaion and a new version 
I' don't work for KGO, but I am the MPEG-2 Transport Stream
expert at LSI Logic (formerly C-Cube), so I was just trying to
help out. However, it looks like they got some help from the USDTV
folks and the problem appears to be solved as of 3 pm Tuesday
(and they are still using Program numbers 3 and 4). If I find out
what the actual problem was, I'll post it here. A TVCT mismatch
seems highly possible.


>Ron Economos wrote:
>>As many of you know, ATSC A/53C has dictated
>>that all PID assignments (except for PAT) will be
>>numbered equal to or above 0x0030 after January
>>1st, 2005.
>>At the same time, the "program paradigm" for PID
>>assignment has been deleted. The "program paradigm"
>>is in older versions of A/53, and assigns PID numbers with
>>these formulas (where N equals the MPEG-2 Program
>>PMT = 16*N
>>PCR = 16*N + 1
>>Video = 16*N + 1
>>Audio = 16*N + 4
>>One of the local DTV stations here in the SF Bay Area,
>>KGO-DT, has fulfilled the equal to or above 0x0030 PID
>>requirement by changing their Program Numbers from 1 and 2
>>to 3 and 4 and continuing to use the old "program paradigm".
>>This results in PIDs 0x0030, 0x0031, 0x0034, 0x0040, 0x0041
>>and 0x0044.
>>This has caused some receivers to display a black screen
>>and no audio when tuned to KGO-DT. No amount of
>>re-scanning will resurrect these receivers.
>>So the question to the group is:
>>What is the safest way to satisfy the equal to or above 0x0030
>>requirement? Since the "program paradigm" has been deleted,
>>should MPEG-2 Program Numbers now start at 1 (instead
>>of the previously recommended 2)?
>>Thoughts and experience would be appreciated.

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