[opendtv] A/53C PID requirements for Jan 1, 2005

  • From: Ron Economos <k6mpg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 04:01:03 -0800

As many of you know, ATSC A/53C has dictated
that all PID assignments (except for PAT) will be
numbered equal to or above 0x0030 after January
1st, 2005.

At the same time, the "program paradigm" for PID
assignment has been deleted. The "program paradigm"
is in older versions of A/53, and assigns PID numbers with
these formulas (where N equals the MPEG-2 Program

PMT = 16*N
PCR = 16*N + 1
Video = 16*N + 1
Audio = 16*N + 4

One of the local DTV stations here in the SF Bay Area,
KGO-DT, has fulfilled the equal to or above 0x0030 PID
requirement by changing their Program Numbers from 1 and 2
to 3 and 4 and continuing to use the old "program paradigm".
This results in PIDs 0x0030, 0x0031, 0x0034, 0x0040, 0x0041
and 0x0044.

This has caused some receivers to display a black screen
and no audio when tuned to KGO-DT. No amount of
 re-scanning will resurrect these receivers.

So the question to the group is:

What is the safest way to satisfy the equal to or above 0x0030
requirement? Since the "program paradigm" has been deleted,
should MPEG-2 Program Numbers now start at 1 (instead
of the previously recommended 2)?

Thoughts and experience would be appreciated.


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