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At 8:28 PM -0800 2/2/07, John Willkie wrote:
I heard a report on the BBC yesterday where a UCLA scientist with an accent said that it takes more energy to process and distribute Ethanol into fuel than it provides, and the end-game will be third-world countries that burn off their rain forests to increase acreage for corn and to process it into fuel. Of course, the increased dust will heat up the upper atmosphere (since most of our heat comes from the Sun), but make temperatures cooler near the surface.

There are numberous scientific studies that show that it takes more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol that it produces wehn burned in gasoline. Here are two for starters...

http://healthandenergy.com/ethanol.htm - this researcher claims that it takes 131,000 BTUs to produce one gallon of ethanol, which produces 77,000 BTUs when burned in gasoline.

Here is another:


The rain forest issue is also rather clouded. It may well turn out that turning rain forest into crop producing lands reduces CO2 emissions, as vegetative decay on the rain forest floor produces high levels of CO2 emissions.



Bottom line, there is no scientific consensus on climate change. But there is plenty of scientific evidence that the Earth goes through climatic changes on a regular basis, typically measured in cycles that take thousands of years.

I saw a PSA this morning that was quite scarry. It came from the ad council and several other organizations. basically a man standing in front of an oncoming train talking about the idea that man is responsible for global warming and it is going to kill us all. he steps out of the way of the train saying not to worry as hell be dead by then. As he steps aside he reveals a child that presumably will be run over by the train.

Reminicent of the little girl picking petals off a daisy as an atomic bomb explodes behind her, that Johnson ran to beat Goldwater in 1964.

Propaganda is a powerful tool, and TV is the primary vehicle for its delivery.


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