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  • Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 09:06:36 -0500

At 9:15 PM -0500 2/2/07, Tom Barry wrote:
I don't know if we are causing global warming or not, but it seems likely. And there have been recent new reports of attempts to hire scientists to dispute the findings that we are. To me this is more evidence we have problems and should start to take it seriously.

It would be refreshing to see some grant money going to real scientific studies of climate change. We already know that huge amounts of money are being given to scientists and politicians to prove that global warming is being cause by man.

The most important evidence that this is all a political scam being driven by the desire to re-distribute the wealth of developed nations is that the environmental movement keeps talking about a "consensus of opinions."

Science IS NOT based on consensus. The scientific method requires:

1. Hypothesis
2. Testing
3. And proof of the hypothesis

The reality of the global warming movement is that they base everything on anecdotal evidence, then tell us that there is consensus among scientists that we are the problem.

The problem is that the facts simply do not support the hypothesis of man made global warming. This is propaganda at the highest levels.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that the current warming micro-cycle is being cause by increased solar activity in the past two decades. But some would have you believe that CO2 emissions into the Earth's atmosphere are causing the ice caps to melt...

On Mars.


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