[opendtv] Re: A Clue as to number of OTA DTV users

  • From: "Albert Manfredi" <bert22306@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 22:07:30 -0500

Bob Miller wrote:


The common wisdom here says that OTA DTV users are using
OTA for something else? What would they be using it for? I
never heard anyone suggest they would be using if for
anything else.

The "common wisdom" here might be a misnomer. I'm talking about the pathologically pessimistic ideas that you, Craig, and John Shutt keep pushing, that anything ATSC is irrelevant.

When you see that 19 percent of HDTV viewing is done from ATSC sources, and that HDTVs are selling about 2:3 compared with old TVs, and the upcoming analog shutoff, suddenly (again) the persistent pessimism is debunked.

Nor is it worth if for 81% to buy a $2 antenna to try to receive
OTA HDTV after NINE years.You find that a positive number??

I do, Mr. Pessimism, for many reasons. The price point of HDTVs has only recently reached what the masses will buy. (And not to forget how incomprehensibly pessimistic you were about that too, just last year. Remember? "Oh wow, look at how sales of DTVs are increasing somehwat less rapidly. I'll bet before long everyone is going back to NTSC 19 sets." Remember that?)

Now people are buying ED/HDTVs in numbers that will reduce that 81 percent precipitously.

Also, receivers have been getting a lot better, even though dark forces, perhaps encouraged by persistent pessimists, continue to block the manufacture of lots and lots of up to date ATSC appliances. Maybe consumers will shame these people into action.

The article says that a lot of that 19% represented early adopters

Yeah, right. There must have been a tremendous number of early adopters if 19 percent of ATSC users are only the residue, eh? I quoted the meaningful quote: people don't automatically get suckered into additional fees for HD, even if they have been suckered into pay TV.

No if you read the article it is not excellent news.

You know, it's amazing how much of your hype and your pessimism is continuously debunked, and yet you soldier on unperturbed.


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