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Ron Economos posted two good links to answer Tom Barry's question:
> I don't suppose there exist any very very simple links on how that
> process would work?  I admit I'm skeptical.

Which reminded me that of course Erwin Bellers' PhD thesis on
de-interlacing is also a good source of information. If you ask
him nicely he may send you a copy for peanuts. He's still with
Philips Semiconductors, so you can guess his e-mail address.

Best regards,
-- Jeroen

At wich of the four business divisions:-)? And what do you guys think of
this dscaler project, and how do you score on this one:
http://www.dscaler.com/dtv-vs-windvd/Passion_Of_Mind_WinDVD_Showdown.htm ? I
can tell you that after scrolling up and down, between the images I did
rather poorly;-).


May 3, 2005


Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Royal Philips Electronics today announced a
regrouping of its Semiconductor division into a simplified organization with
four business units. The changes take effect immediately.

This includes a new business unit for Automotive & Identification. The
business unit will service the fast growing semiconductor markets for
automotive solutions and identification applications.

The initiative is part of the renewal of the division into a simpler, more
market oriented organization. The key elements of this business renewal are
to increase the portfolio focus and to step up efforts in key markets. In
addition to Automotive & Identification there will be three business units,
Mobile & Personal, Home, and Multi-Market semiconductors. The business
renewal also includes a drive to further lower the cost of organization for
the semiconductor division.

Frans van Houten, CEO of Philips Semiconductors and member of Philips Group
Management Committee commented on the business renewal: "Our goal is to be a
more agile and market-focused organization that has a sustained, solid
contribution to value creation. Therefore we will focus on four key growth
markets where our strategy is to leverage current strengths and win new
leadership positions."

For further information, please contact:

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