[opendtv] Re: 720P = 540i ?

  • From: Ron Economos <k6mpg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 03:37:58 -0700

I guess these are not very simple, but here's what I
have for MCDI links:



Tom Barry wrote:

>Jeroen Stessen wrote:
> > A yet better solution, which we don't typically see for HDTV, is
> > based on application of the "Generalized Sampling Theorem". This
> > says that any two sets of samples, they don't have to be spaced
> > evenly as long as they don't coincide exactly, can be used for
> > reconstructing the original signal at the double Nyquist 
> > With the use of motion vectors a "motion compensated" 
> > can get the missing lines from previous frames, at least if the
> > vertical component of the motion is not near a "critical speed".
> >
>Jeroen -
>I don't suppose there exist any very very simple links on how that 
>  process would work?  I admit I'm skeptical.
>Recently I've been becoming gradually convinced that in order to 
>completely remove aliasing artifacts from, say, 1080i you would 
>have to vertically filter to only 540 vertical pixels of 
>resolution.  But if people were really doing that then I'm not 
>sure there would be ANY additional information available from 
>looking at adjacent fields, no matter how good or powerful your 
>motion compensation logic was.  And that would even be true for 
>still scenes.
>Hopefully I'm mistaken but, if not, maybe I'll go write a book on 
>helicopters or how deinterlacing doesn't work.  ;-)
>- Tom

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