[opendtv] Re: 5th-generation test

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 12:55:29 -0400

Agree with Mark. I would say 4th gen plus. This unit allows upgrades so 
I will work with this company tonight to see if they have any tweaks 
they can perform. Still very optimistic on this unit. LG is working with 
them so no reason that we can't get it to work as well as the first. And 
they seem interested in making it work.

Bob Miller

Mark Schubin wrote:

>Bob Miller brought over the latest version (I'm not permitted to say 
>whose).  It was much better than last time (comparable to a good 
>4th-generation rather than not as good as a second generation, as the 
>last one was) but still nothing like the 5th-generation LG.
>With a loop antenna, it seemed to be sensitive to us moving around the 
>room.  With a Silver Sensor, it didn't seem to be, but different antenna 
>orientations brought in different stations.
>In all of the tests, we could get WNBC-DT, WWOR-DT, and WFUT-DT 
>solidly.  Depending on antenna and orientation, we could also get 
>one antenna position and orientation, the receiver sniffed WFME-DT, but 
>it did not appear to decode anything.  I'm not certain that was a DTT 
>problem.  The receiver crashed once, and once wouldn't decode WABC-DT 
>audio until the channel was changed and changed back.  It's also 
>possible the station wasn't transmitting any pictures.
>Regarding numbers of channels, WNBC-DT, WNYW-DT, WABC-DT, WWOR-DT, and 
>WPIX-DT were all multicasting two programs.  WNJN-DT was multicasting 
>six channels.  WFME-DT appears to have been multicasting ten channels 
>(it was the last time we received it, too).  So, counting minor 
>channels, the receiver sniffed out at least 29 "channels."
>Performance degraded the farther the antenna was from the window.
>There did not appear to be much of a correlation between the "signal 
>strength" reading and reliability (except that when we got a signal 
>strength of zero we got nothing).

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