[opendtv] Re: 2VSB Status? (was Lawmakers Establish 2009 Deadline for Analog TV Phaseout)

  • From: Richard Hollandsworth <holl_ands@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 18:42:26 -0800 (PST)

Several months ago, we were curious whether any cable systems had ever used 
16VSB mode (one person "thinks"....maybe...) and which ATSC Decoder chips 
actually implemented the 16 VSB mode (latest Broadcom, LG and Oren for sure, 
others are indeterminate):
So several of the chip manufacturers are still cranking out 16-VSB, even though 
it never got off the ground for cable, in favor of 256-QAM.
The spec sheet for the LG 5th Generation chip (LGDT3303) and it's pin-for-pin 
predecessor (LGDT3302, used in LST-4200A) can be found here:
Note that it supports ATSC 8/16VSB as well as MMDS 2/4/8/16 VSB operation.

Hyundai GDS21D003 spec sheet (Mar99) also shows similiar operating modes:

MMDS is Multi-Channel Multi-Point Distribution System.
A means to distribute DTV signal to the Cable Headend, to the station 
transmitter or to viewers like you.

ATSC D/53 only defines use of 8-VSB and 16-VSB for DTV.

However, I would suspect that several other ATSC Decoder chips might also 
support 2/4/8/16-VSB MMDS modes, not mentioned in the ATSC spec sheets.

And the next gen ATSC Decoders would presumably also support E-VSB, which 
employ 8-VSB packets embedded within the normal ATSC video program, but with 
more robust coding.


"Stephen W. Long" <longsw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Does any one know the status 
of 2VSB in the chips / specification for ATSC?

When my small group dared to say publicly that ATSC had no clothes, in a now 
classic story, the lawyers on the ATSC side of the table insisted that robust 
and mobile reception was going to be delivered via 2VSB.  All of the 8VSB 
receivers would have 2VSB modes and everyone would be happy.

I have not heard a peep about 2VSB since that time.  Is it possible that
the 20 lawyers on the other side of the table that day that threatened to
sue me personally for delaying the DTV transition were not telling the
entire truth?  Did they know 8VSB reception was problematic and that only 2VSB 
could provide robust reception?

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